About the game

Welcome, I'm Sergey, the chief developer and ideologist of this game project. Jet Racing eXtreme is a realistic jet car racing game. What makes the game so unique is the advanced physics and innovative gameplay.

Currently there are a lot of really great racing games on the game market. However racing games tend to meet one of two criteria. Either it is a realistic simulator, or it is unrealistic but with much faster gameplay. These games tend to look great but the gameplay needs much to be desired to become enjoyable. I've thought a lot about how to make a game that would not be like any arcade or simulator, but a combination of both. In this game you will drive a prototype vehicle with two jet engines and two rocket boosters, simulated in a realistic way.

Below are the features of the game.


● a brand new gameplay;
You will drive at an incredible speed and at the same time take into account the possibility of a serious accident. Concentration of attention and understanding of the physical processes occurring with the vehicle at such high speeds will be your trump card.

● high quality physics;
A well-designed physics adds a sense of realism of the race. Any improper action at high speed may result in a critical situation, for example, the tire could blow or brakes can overheat in a protracted braking. At the same time you have the opportunity to assess the situation from the point of view of real physics of motion.

● beautiful damage model;
The vehicle consists of a large number of components and assemblies. Each element of the design has a limited margin of safety, so in a collision with an obstacle you will observe how your car is falling apart. It's sad, but beautiful! The higher the speed, the more impressive a disaster!

● amazing sound effects;
This is my pride! The sound of the jet engines is based on the real jet engine audio. Just listen, I hope you liked it!

● worldwide multiplayer;
Play with friends and random opponents, earn funds, upgrade your vehicle. You also have access to all the suspension settings and on-board systems, so you can make your own unique configuration and check how good it is.

What was modelled

● vehicle destructible structure;
● vehicle aerodynamics;
● turbojet engine physics;
● precision suspension dynamics;
● full tire and brake model;
● many other vehicle's physic effects!