Jet Racing Extreme was removed from GameJolt at July 02 2015 because of the violation of the rules.
Here is their rules:

1. "Game Jolt is currently only accepting free games. There must be no requirement to pay in order to play your game."
5. "No stripped-down demos or "lite" versions of commercial games are permitted. You must upload a totally free version of your game, and it must be as complete a version as is publicly available."

JReX has microtransactions that is NOT mandatory. Also, JReX has a premium extended paid version (hosted on another site). Following their rules the developer MUST NOT GET any revenue for his work and must do all the stuff completely free. In the same time GameJolt will earn money from the ADS(they sharing some part of the revenue with developers).
So, the developer MUST NOT earn money, but GameJolt will. It is a very strange aproach.

JReX is not violating their rules indirectly and we think that rules must be reviewed.
For all followers and people who are interesting our game we recommend to use game store.
For our project GameJolt is deprecated.


Web demo!